Child Support

The award of child support is always modifiable. In Florida, child support is calculated pursuant to a statutory formula that incorporates the net incomes of both parents. In order to impute the proper net incomes of both parents, it may be necessary to impute minimum wage and/or retain the services of a vocational evaluation expert to determine a spouse’s earning capacity/capability and/or retain the services of a forensic accountant to determine a spouse’s true net disposable income. The amount of time-sharing (overnights) by each parent and other factors such as payments for children’s health insurance and childcare may also be considered. Child support is awarded whether the parents are married or unmarried. A calculated pro-rated percentage will also be determined by the statutory formula for any other additional expenses for the children including but not limited to medical and dental deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance costs, prescriptions, dental, orthodontic and braces, vision/optical, psychiatric/psychological, extracurricular activities, camp, child care/aftercare/daycare and all school/education-related expenses (tuition, fees, school supplies, books and tutors).